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I We were first founded in 2012, filling needs for different industries.

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Dinsmore Fabricating
Welcome to Dinsmore Fabricating, your go-to solution provider for custom metal fabricating in Brantford and throughout Southern Ontario.

About Us

Dinsmore Fabricating | Paris, Ontario, Canada

Since our founding in 2012, we've worked on a wide array of projects for our broad customer base, specializing in metal fabrication and welding. Our experience ranges from stainless steel piping and engineered structural fabrication to custom solutions for the food, brewing, lumber, and automotive industries. Our team has the expertise to handle even the most complex challenges, offering an extensive range of customizable high-quality equipment and process solutions, including sanitary piping, food-grade pumps, guarding, equipment installation, conveyor fabrication, and much more. We take pride in our efficiency-focused approach, delivering solutions that are both safe and effective. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your custom metal fabricating needs in Brantford and beyond.

Our services

Our extensive range of past projects utilize our collective experience we have gained to deliver insight and unique solutions. We are proud to say that many of final projects often boast a unique design or fabrication found no where else.

Food Industry

The mass production of food in Canada has had massive effects on our society, it has made food more affordable and employees Canadians in communities across the country.

The food industry has many challenges, producing equipment that understands the needs of food safety, and requires CFIA places on manufactures is one of the fields we the greatest experience in. We offer an extensive range of customizable utilize high-quality equipment and process solutions.


Watching the rise of the Ontario microbrewery industry explode onto the scene has been exciting for us as many others. Many operators have discovered starting breweries from off the shelf parts is just not possible for many installations. Sanitary Steel piping solutions is one of a greatest strength, creating solutions are both safe and effective requires expertise.

  • Sanitary piping
  • Food Grade Pumps installation and Service
  • Consulting and Preventative maintenance
  • Equipment moving and installation
  • Content creation
  • Stainless Steel carts / tools
  • Custom Stainless Fabrication
  • Technical requirements
  • CIP system


In an industry under pressure to produce the lumber Canada needs, while the ages of log riders sending wood down river ways has seen a decline. The Canadian lumber industry powering construction in the whole of North America. Finding solutions the problems created by such demand is one of specialties.

  • Guarding
  • Equipment installation
  • Conveyor fabrication
  • Process improvement
  • Preventative maintenance solutions
  • Design and Fabrication

Automotive Industry

As automotive producers are being pressured to create better and more effective vehicle, downstream in the manufacturing process that requires production changes that often involve automated machinery and robotic technology

We feel this is an industry that will continue to become more complex, it’s our focus handling solutions with an efficiency-focused method that we have refined over time.

  • Equipment Installation / moving
  • Custom metal fabricating
  • Guarding
  • Equipment modification
  • Robot bases
  • Weldments
  • Fixtures / Jigs
  • Equipment Design

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